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Red Lace (Valentine Prompt) by AmarantaYuuki Red Lace (Valentine Prompt) :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 4 6 Tali - Noxiie MYO by AmarantaYuuki Tali - Noxiie MYO :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 4 0
Child of Ash
In the depths of a crumbling, burning forest, something was alive among the smoke and dim flames. Ash fell through the air like black snow, coating everything. Then, what appeared to be just another stone shifted, ash falling away to reveal pale blue fur, white crystals glinting between. Three large, lush tails unwound from a small, delicate form, and the newborn being sat up slowly, stretching and giving a soft yawn. Short curls of a pale lilac color waved around his face, and he coughed, frowning at the taste of smoke on his tongue. Reaching up, he rubbed his eyes, two silver orbs blinking sleepily as he looked around him, seeing a world that was nothing save for fire and ash.
The small figure, dark-skinned and slender, stood. His bare feet sank into the layer of soot that coated the ground. Horns of rose-colored crystal glass glinted in the light of the flickering flames that clung to fallen trees, a shimmering violet light visible inside. There were natural-looking crystals scatter
:iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 2 7
Soraya - Trasilight MYO by AmarantaYuuki Soraya - Trasilight MYO :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 10 8 Meditation Piece - February by AmarantaYuuki Meditation Piece - February :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 3 4 Happy Valentine's from Candy by AmarantaYuuki Happy Valentine's from Candy :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 2 0 Candy Pixel by AmarantaYuuki Candy Pixel :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 3 0 Aura - Trasilight MYO by AmarantaYuuki Aura - Trasilight MYO :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 7 14 Asa - Trade by AmarantaYuuki Asa - Trade :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 1 2 Bellu - Nightlight Patchling by AmarantaYuuki Bellu - Nightlight Patchling :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 6 0 F2U Kimono Chibi Lineart by AmarantaYuuki F2U Kimono Chibi Lineart :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 0 0 Lulei - Patchling MYO by AmarantaYuuki Lulei - Patchling MYO :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 7 2 Crystal Boi - Cryseihven MYO by AmarantaYuuki Crystal Boi - Cryseihven MYO :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 9 9 Mist - Mediborg MYO by AmarantaYuuki Mist - Mediborg MYO :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 6 6 Smol Fluff Boi (Trade) by AmarantaYuuki Smol Fluff Boi (Trade) :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 11 2 Eli - Abudoll MYO by AmarantaYuuki Eli - Abudoll MYO :iconamarantayuuki:AmarantaYuuki 13 5

Art by Kit-The-Clod


AmarantaYuuki has started a donation pool!
5 / 1,000
I am rarely able to buy commissions and adopts for myself due to the annoyingly huge cost of being in college. Thanks to donations from some amazing people however, I sometimes can get something I really want to have. Thank you so much. <3

No offense taken if you choose to not donate. ^^
If you do, I shall offer you llamas and hugs, and a spot in my next feature if I get a commission with your points.

If you are using this widget to pay for an adopt or commission, please note so in your donation message.

Art by ItsAshiePie

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  • :iconarty-flare:
    Donated Jul 28, 2017, 12:50:42 PM
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    Donated Jul 12, 2017, 2:46:29 PM


Custom Character Design
Please be specific with details and colors you would like to see, unless you would prefer me to decide. If you do not specify a hair length for example, I will choose what I think fits the design.
Linking costume ideas is welcome.

Complicated designs may be asked to send up to 100 extra points via the donation box if I feel it contributes significantly to the time the commission will take. Please consider this when sending your custom outline.

If you would like to trade a MYO or character for the custom, please send me a note.
Zentangle Bust
A head-and-shoulders illustration of your character with zentangle design. Please specify color or black and white. 
Zentangle Object
Flowers, bottles, etcetera. 
Zentangle Chibi
A chibi of your character with colorful zentangle design. Random pose and expression. Please not that complex designs may have a maximum price increase of 20 points, in which case I will request you pay the extra through the donation  widget.
Zentangle Fullbody
A full body illustration of your character with colorful zentangle design. Random pose and expression. Please not that complex designs may have a maximum price increase of 20 points, in which case I will request you pay the extra through the donation widget.
Simple Color Sketch
A simple half or full body sketch of one character, lightly colored. Random pose.
Full Color Bust
Full-color bust of any character. Please not that complex designs may be raised to a maximum of 70 points, at which point I will ask you to pay the extra through the donation widget. 

I will probably only accept these if I have time 
Full Body Watercolor (Single Character)
A full-color head to toe of one character done in ink and watercolor style. Random Pose.

Please not that complex designs may be raised to a maximum of 160 points, at which point I will ask you to pay the extra through the donation widget. 



AmarantaYuuki's Profile Picture
Angela Ross
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Moon Divider by CatSpy69
Also AmarantaYuuki on, Discord, Skype

Ice Flower Stamp by V-Mordecai

Art Trades:…

Pastel Rainbow Lipstick by kicked-in-teeth

I love art, despite not choosing it as a profession. Most often I do photography and character designs, and I use all traditional media for my drawings. I tend to favor Prismacolor pencils and watercolors.

My other media I use most often is wood burning, which I'm still learning but really enjoy.

Very Bi, happily bi.

Mildly obsessed with Project Runway, but I have no specific fashion sense and wear whatever makes me happy on a given day.

My current course in life has me in college studying Early Childhood Education, since I love teaching and young children.

Author of two novels, Shrea and Half-Blood Crest, with a couple more on the way.

Moon Divider by CatSpy69 Moon Divider by CatSpy69
Art by tentaclecuddles



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

This species is so different from what I usually share, but I've always loved it. So, tada!
Spring Bookling FTO raffle by eldritchbooky Spring Bookling FTO raffle by eldritchbooky Spring Bookling FTO raffle by eldritchbooky


Seeing a fav species opened MYO slots and getting real excited.
Then crying a lil cause common slots are 40 dollars. 
I'm sorry, love your species, but no. 

I have mixed feelings about CS slots. I'm okay with paying for a MYO because the concept and lore and such can have a lot of work behind them, but in the end you're paying so you can do art of something and I don't really like that. For an adopt I can understand, you're buying the rights to the character as well as the art itself, so there was effort behind it. MYO slots you're paying to be allowed to draw something. So 40 dollars for the lowest tier is something I personally won't do.

I'm just full of opinions today aren't I lol. It's okay to disagree with me, I take no offense. Maybe I'm just cheap.
Possibly unpopular opinion of today:
Please do not comment if you like arguments lol I just put these up as food for thought. <3 This is a long one, and it's totally fine if you disagree with some or all of it. Opinions are fine, no smashing anyone.
I think that some people are a bit too sensitive about believing that their character or outfit was stolen. Please note I do not think that everyone worried about it is overreacting, it is a very real and frustrating thing.

If all details are the same or only one small thing has been changed it's very possible it was copied off of your design, but if something was originally made via a character creator or referenced from an online picture, anyone can recreate that with the same creator or reference. A blond blue eyed character can be found anywhere, just because they have the same hairstyle doesn't mean they stole your character. If you have no unique identifiers like specifically placed tattoos, piercings, or scars, and their costume is fairly generic, it's hard to say that your character is impossible to recreate by someone just drawing whatever.

Costumes especially are very easy to recreate, particularly if they are not super detailed, because most of the time they are made based off of clothing that has been seen by the artist somewhere before. In addition, anyone can run across deviations on pinterest or google and if they don't bother to trace them back to the original source, may not know that they were an adopt bought by someone for their specific use. This can happen with bases as well if there is no P2U watermark on them. 

You cannot say someone stole your costume because they also have a pink sailor outfit with blue bows, for example. However if you have a character with a special crest and story-specific details in their costume and you see it on someone else's drawing, that would be something to be upset about. 

Basically, before you flip out, just take a few minutes to properly examine the art and see if the person may have just run across a picture and used it for reference/inspiration, or if they really are ripping off your character. Of course if it's your exact art they're posting, then go crazy, that's not okay. 

Thanks if you read, remember, comments should just be thoughts and opinions, no argument fuel or smashing! <3 
If you haven't checked out Noxiies yet, you totally should! 
I just finished my MYO, very happy with it! It's a really unique species with a great owner. ^^
Please give love to the amazing Mei-King , who just gave me the most awesome present. <3
[G] Child Of Ash: Aura by Mei-King
Check these adopts!
Good snakey boi still open.
Teeny Tinktinks [Hybrids 1/3 Open] by Onirini
Today's featured character is my neglected Vernid: Liv
Amarantayuuki By Ch3rvb-db681cf by AmarantaYuuki
Art by CH3RVB 
An awesome peep, check them out. ^^
Shoutout to NerdyBiscuits105 who made this smol spook.

Look at that. That a quality boi. 
Naga Signed By Nerdybiscuits105-dc1n9zc by AmarantaYuuki
Hello my name is Yuuki and I'm drooling over 3.
Check out these beautiful babies!
Maybe give them a good home. ;)
||OPEN|| Solaxxy adopts / Kharm companions! by PrinceAsi



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